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Backyard Bug Control Services

Even the most fastidious home owners aren’t immune to insect-related annoyances. You see, bugs don’t really care how clean your house is or the fact they are unwanted guests; they just set up camp wherever it seems convenient and do their best to stay put. Once you’ve spotted a potential pest problem inside, you likely turn to the appropriate products or a professional to take care of it. Not all insects that pose a threat to you and your family are indoors, however. Many potentially harmful or just plain vexing bugs lie right outside your door. Consequently, you should be just as vigilant in your efforts to ward off pests outdoors as you are inside your home.

Don’t let you or your family face unnecessary exposure to insects known to be carriers of Lyme disease or Powassan. Even your pets can be at risk for life-threatening conditions, such as West Nile Virus or Eastern equine encephalitis. Fortunately, Backyard Bug Control is available to rid you and yours of such dangers both inside and outside your home, freeing you of worry, so you can focus on the more important things in life. You can schedule a single treatment of your yard and home with us or set up a seasonal contract for long-term prevention – the choice is yours.

Mosquito Control

Image of a mosquito biting a humanThere’s little question that mosquitos are among the most pesky of pests you regularly encounter. You barely see them, but – the next thing you know – you and your family are covered in itchy little bites that seem to take forever to heal. Granted, mosquitos frequent places with standing water nearby, so it is wise to include cleaning any ponds, pools, or bird baths that could attract mosquitos to lay their eggs as part of your pest prevention measures. Unfortunately, this often isn’t enough to keep you safe from mosquitoes. Nowadays, these insects seem to be immune to the usual repellents, such as citronella or even DEET-laced sprays, and there are over 150 different kinds of mosquitoes to plague you.

Our licensed professionals at Backyard Bug Control are adept at eliminating mosquito problems by applying a barrier spray to your yard. This spray kills mosquitoes on contact and continues to repel them long after we are gone. Our barrier spray is even effective in thick foliage, ensuring these annoying bugs have nowhere to hide on your property. Taking care of a mosquito problem or preventing one in the first place is of prime importance because mosquitoes can carry malaria, Dengue fever, West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, or Heartworms in addition to their bothersome bites. In fact, mosquitoes are behind more human deaths than any other creature on the planet, so don’t underestimate the danger these insects bring.

Tick Control

Image of a tick on the groundThe founders of Backyard Bug Control have a particular dislike for ticks. As a matter of fact, the idea for the company arose after our family was diagnosed with Lyme disease most likely contracted from deer ticks right in our backyard. That’s an experience we don’t want any other family to deal with, and we’ve developed what we believe to be the most effective strategy to get rid of these dangerous pests and keep them away for good. After all, the nymph ticks most commonly associated with Lyme disease are about the size of the end of a pen, so you can’t see them. They just hang out on leaves and bushes, then drop on unknowing suspects, potentially wreaking havoc on their lives. It’s not just Lyme disease you have to worry about, either; deer ticks have now been identified as carriers of Powassan, which has been fatal in some cases.

Since ticks are so hazardous to the health of humans and pets alike, we at Backyard Bug Control have developed a two-prong approach to preventing and dealing with tick problems. Like with our other pest services, we have a deep-penetrating and long-lasting barrier spray that kills on contact and repels deer ticks afterwards. What makes our tick control services so effective, however, is our second line of attack: tick tunnels. It may sound like a funny name, but how they work isn’t funny at all – at least for ticks. Despite being commonly known as deer ticks, deer are actually immune to these pests. Mice, other rodents, squirrels, and more are not. When these little critters that ticks prey on enter our tunnels (which we do our best to camouflage in your yard), bits of cotton infused with a pesticide harmful only to the ticks and not the animals adhere to the fur and, in essence, treat the wild animals in the area as well.

Stinkbug Control

Image of a common stink bugYou may not have ever thought about stinkbugs as a looming threat to you and your family, and, in some ways, they aren’t. About the worst thing these insects can do directly to your family or furry friends is perhaps annoy your nose when feeling threatened or are accidentally squished. That doesn’t mean these bugs are entirely harmless, however. Stinkbugs are actually a huge agricultural threat – plowing through our food sources at an alarming rate. This affects both large-scale farmers and hobbyist gardeners. Since stinkbugs are not a native insect but are transplants from Asia, they have no natural predators in the United States. Therefore, it is up to humans to quash the threat posed by these seemingly innocuous pests.

Although we likely can’t eradicate stinkbugs entirely from your premises, we can make great headway in controlling their numbers. You see, stinkbugs are highly resistant to pesticides and their relatively large size makes them harder to kill as well. In the fall, these insects generally turn to houses to hibernate for the winter, and this is the time for home owners to act before they awake to lay eggs in the spring. Our stink bug barrier program targets the most likely sites of entry into your home, such as soffits, under siding, and window or door frames. The solution we use is also entirely organic and is used on the entire exterior of your home with special attention to the aforementioned problem areas. Although the spray leaves a light chalky residue that wears off in a few days, it continues to repel stinkbugs for weeks after application.

Green Indoor Pest Control

In response to popular demand, we have recently developed an indoor pest control strategy, which is completely organic. After all, many people don’t want harmful chemicals where they eat or sleep, and they certainly don’t want to cohabitate with insect invaders. Having a pest problem indoors can happen to anyone, regardless of how clean a house they keep; it’s just a fact of life that bugs often sneak inside and gain a foothold in your home. That doesn’t mean you have to simply accept a pest presence; eradicating your bug problems wherever they occur is why we’re here. We will not rest until your home is safe from the insects you hate or flat-out fear.

Our 100% organic indoor spray is effective against the usual suspects, including fleas, roaches, ants, spiders, crickets, silverfish, and a host of other insects. If you opt for our green indoor pest control service, a licensed applicator will thoroughly treat your home, paying special attention to oft-ignored spots like behind your kitchen appliances or crevices in baseboards. In more extreme cases, we do have stronger sprays to take care of bothersome bugs, but we never use them without the express permission of the homeowner. If, after spraying, you spot any more bugs in your home within a quarter, we will return free of charge to treat problem areas in your house again. We will even deal with minor bee and wasp problems as part of the package, but things like hive removal, rodent control, or termite eradication are available at an additional cost.

Barrier Spray Program

We’ve already mentioned that our licensed professionals apply a barrier spray to kill and prevent common pests in your yard, and the backpack equipment we use looks a lot like a leaf blower. Although the equipment may appear simple, it’s actually incredibly effective and can penetrate thick leaves and brush to reach insect hiding holes. There isn’t just one kind of spray available, however; there are several different types to choose from to fit your needs or personal philosophy regarding bug control. With any of our specialized sprays, you may opt for a single application, but we strongly recommend purchasing a seasonal program where we return at intervals throughout the year to keep your yard bug-free at all times. Here are the barrier spray programs we currently offer, and note that the ant barrier package we previously had is now included in our green indoor pest control service:

  • Flower Power Program Package: The spray we use in this package contains a synthetic derivative of the Chrysanthemum flower, which has been proven to both kill and repel deer ticks and mosquitoes for up to three weeks. With this package, our professionals automatically return to reapply the spray before it loses its effectiveness, and it has virtually no odor.
  • Simply Organic Program Package: The barrier spray we use in this 100% organic program has been certified by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), so you can rest assured it is safe to both your family and pets. In fact, the active ingredients are rosemary and cedar oils, and they are effective in killing and repelling ticks and mosquitoes for approximately two weeks. As with the Flower Power package, our professionals automatically come and reapply the spray as needed.
  • Stink Bug Barrier Prevention Package: As previously noted, we can’t completely rid your home of stinkbugs, but we can greatly reduce their population. With this add-on package, a licensed applicator will come to your home three times in the fall when you are most at risk of an invasion, spraying your house’s exterior with a powerful repellant that also kills stinkbugs within a 24-hour period.
  • Tick Tunnels: The tick tunnels we mentioned earlier are another popular add-on that makes our tick prevention service 10x more effective than a barrier spray alone. When the animals that live on or nearby your property are free of ticks, it just makes sense that you will be far safer from them, too.